Vitalize's mission is to provide others with the strength and energy they need to optimize their mental health and day to day functioning.

​We offer our clients a wide range of services from individual tele-psychology to online education consultations and assessments. Vitalize Inc. was established with the goal to help bring essential mental health services to Californians during the COVID-19 pandemic. Vitalize Inc. is composed of a team of CA licensed clinicians with a wide range of expertise and experiences. Founded by Dr. Jonathon Baird, Vitalize Inc. will help you develop the strength and energy you need to optimize your mental health.
Dr. Baird has over 9 years of professional experience in providing behavioral and psychological services. Dr. Baird was originally trained to provide services to children and families. After 4 years of providing services to families, Dr. Baird grew his professional expertise and began working in forensic and correctional settings. Dr. Baird spent time conducting legal assessments and providing expert testimony to the courts. In 2020, Dr. Baird expanded his practice to provide tele-health services across the state of California. In efforts, to expand accessibility and address the mental health needs of CA residents, Dr. Baird established Vitalize Behavioral Health and Psychometrics.
Assessment Director

Heather Zeldin, PsyD

Dr. Zeldin is a California licensed psychologist and has 9+ years of clinical experience. She has honed her expertise in an array of settings that include pediatric care, rehabilitation settings, and enhanced outpatient settings. She specializes in psychodiagnostics evaluations and heads Vitalize’s assessment operations. Dr. Zeldin has extensive assessment experience that includes specialties in developmental disorders, autism, ADHD, learning disabilities. Dr. Zeldin’s experiences with various age groups allows her unique perspective into the developmental factors of connection and communication. She utilizes play as an aspect of therapy to strengthen communication skills and emotional understanding. She is passionate in helping children develop multiple modes of expression through play, art (such as drawing and painting), and social imitation. Additionally, She specializes in multicultural and diverse populations. Dr. Zeldin is credentialed with the following insurance payors: Medicare, United Healthcare, Optum, MHN, Cal-Viva, Magellan, Blue of California, and Tricare.